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So, yeah. Hello again, in this madness of a world…. or rather, I’m the one who get mad.

Pardon me of my English usage in this entry, but I just feel like using it tonight. Apparently, madam Frances is able to brainwash me to think in an english way, and we have only met each other for only three meetings! Fascinating, how subconscious level of a mind could actually control how people connects through… in this case, how I feel like to use English. Perhaps, Madam Frances (my Marketing lecturer, if you haven’t guessed yet) has some qualities which interests me subconsciously… I dunno.

We cool with me using English in this entry, right? Even if it’s not so, you don’t have the authority and power to put me and writes in Bahasa tonight. Mister Anggara Wisesa told me that there’s quite a difference between authority and power (yes, I know both are interconnected), so I state both. Yay, me.


Okay, as the title goes, I am going to explain about this deathly combination of two numbers. If you’re thinking that I’m here to have my fortune told (or written in here) due to a serial number which I gained from a certain piece of paper, you will not be interested with what I am about to inform you. So cycle that hand of yours and pushes the ‘Ctrl + W’ button, if you decide not to read this entry all the more.

That is… if you’re using Mozilla or its variants. Other than that, maybe you’ll consider `alt + F4`; this entry might bore you to sleep.

…and even after that, you STILL continue?


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