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The Heaven

A wondrous place
Delighted brightness

A joyful place
Where cries wiped away
And pain washed away

Forgotten hard feelings
Anxiousness’ are oblivion
Debauched trashed


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I walked
Through these winding street
Withered and dusty
Suffocating me

I walked
Strident sounds from klaxon
Boisterous atmosphere
Sinking me

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Fiery Heart

Fiery heart

Brave and strong

filled with unwavering belief

full of optimism

Fiery heart

shining ever so brightly

illuminating many path

for his journey

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I walked
through the path i’m used to
same shoes
same old bag
but with different point of view

I walked
only by my feet and myself
with an empty stare
noise around didn’t bother me
polution and dust were everywhere
wind blowing over my hair

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Ruanganku kosong, hitam, dan dingin

Tidak bernyawa, tidak berjiwa, tidak berwarna

kelam layaknya malam

dalam tak berdasar


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entiti spesial dengan kecerdasan melebihi makhluk lain yang hidup di muka bumi…

organisme kompleks yang sejak dahulu kala mampu bersimbiosis dengan makhluk lain


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Aku bermimpi…

Aku bermimpi..

Aku menatap langit, melihat senja..

melihat matahari yang mulai merendah..

digantikan oleh bulan yang mulai meninggi


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